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Having recently moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, I am loving the slower pace and smaller scale than my previous home- Philadelphia. In fact, just last week on my morning drive to work, I was struck by how pretty the scenery and architecture really is. And then that evening, I just drooled over the burning sunset behind black silhouettes of the mountains and wintery tree branches.

It touched me so much, I resolved to snap some shots of the city the next morning before work… nice sentiment, but either my alarm clock didn’t go off or (more likely) I was unconscious when I switched it off and stumbled back to bed. So instead of getting an early, relaxing start to the day I ended up risking my life by taking some “action” shots behind the wheel of my car ten minutes before I had to be at work. :/

Probably not a behavior I would condone, but I reeeally wanted to get started putting together some photos to show my family and old college friends. So here are the beginnings of my collection (all edited using Flickr’s new tool, which is awesome!)

Here’s how my drive starts, down W Main St:


Then on my left:


I turn at the statue. (Notice it’s now snowing- that’s just me trying out a new editing effect, hehe):


Now here’s my favorite shot – doesn’t it look straight out of 1922?


Here’s the C&O:


And here’s the same picture, but I played with the contrast and color saturation to make it look like Miami (although I’ve never actually been to Miami…) Which one do you like better?


And after work, I still hadn’t gotten it out of my system. Alas, it is much more difficult to multi-task while driving at night, so this is the only one I got. Ya know, looking at it now kinda makes me scared of getting run over.


I can’t wait to do some deeper exploring in the next few weeks! Anyone from the area have any favorite places to eat, visit, hike?


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